About petCARE

petCARE insurance covers your beloved furry family member for expenses that may arise following an accident or illness.

Veterinary treatment can be expensive. But this shouldn't be a consideration when proper treatment is needed. That's where petCARE comes in handy so that you can only concentrate on your pet's journey to recovery.
Who is it for
petCARE is designed for cute cats and dogs up to 8 years of age. And even though some pets may be cute as a teddy bear, petCARE may not be able to cover them due to their breed.

What is covered

Veterinary fees
For treating your pet if injured or ill.
Compensation in case of Death
Due to an accident.
Third party liability Cover
For property damage or bodily injury caused by your pet.
Trip Cancellation
Compensation in case your trip gets cancelled because of an accident or illness of your pet.
Emergency cattery and kennel fees
In case of your hospitalisation due to a medical emergency.
Advertising expenses
In case your pet goes missing.

What is not covered

Pre-existing illness or injury
Any illness or injury that your pet had or showed signs of having before your policy started.
Pregnancy or giving birth
Expenses relating to pet pregnancy, giving birth, or treatments of the puppies or kittens.
Routine or resulting from illness.
Such as vaccination, check ups, flea and worm treatments.
Neutering or spaying
Any expenses that relate to neutering or spaying your pet.
*The policy wording and accompanying documentation set out the terms, conditions and any exclusions that may apply to your cover. We advise you to read the policy documents carefully and make sure you know what is covered and what is not and that the cover purchased meets your needs.